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Belleview Water SoftenersThe City of Belleview was founded in 1884 around 9 Mile Pond, which today is known as Lake Lillian. Nine Mile Pond received its name since it was a pond 9 miles from Ocala. It is claimed that Belleview was named after the little girl of one of the founders, yet that story has largely been abandoned. Belleview in fact obtains its name from the French words "belle" and "view" which converts to "stunning vistas" such as the ones that can be seen around the town.

Lake Lillian is a nature reserve in the town of Belleview. It is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, and is a great place for many local events such as BBQs, boat rides, tennis and dog walking trips.

The first week of April is a very exciting time for the local Easter Egg Hunt! But it's not just for kids. Adult collectors are out there too, and we want to be able to join in on the fun too. In October an annual arts as well as crafts event occurs that commemorates the history of Lake Lillian and Belleview in the 9 Mile Fish pond occasion. Other occasions in the City consist of the annual Christmas Ceremony and the Founder's Day Event at Town Hall Park, which includes food, suppliers, and an beauty contest.

As a focal point of our "City with Small Town Beauty" several occasions take place around Lake Lillian annually. Throughout the cold weather Brighten Lake Lillian happens and the entire lake glows with vacation joy. In the beginning of spring an Easter Egg Hunt is hosted, and also

The City has a range of both active and also passive entertainment facilities. The focal point of the City is Lake Lillian, which includes a tiny fishing dock for the kids and seniors, along with a number of outing pavilions and a strolling trail that is utilized by young and young at heart. Lake Lillian is host to numerous public events throughout the year as well as weekend birthday celebration parties and also a periodic wedding celebration. By Ebyabe - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

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