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The drinking water is great and the system is very compact.
Mike and Arlene R. The Villages

We really notice the difference with the shower and the dishwasher.
Tom and Regina R. Leesburg

The taste is better, the water feels softer and it makes coffee tastes good.
Paul and Jackie S. Summerfield

My skin feels so soft and I enjoy the taste of my water.
Cathy S. The Villages

We are very satisfied customers we enjoy our soft skin and hair and no chlorine smell.
Steave and Jean T. The Villages

I would highly recommend Kinetico. This is the second Kinetico softener we had. Excellent product and excellent service.
Tudor and Alisha T. The Villages

I enjoy using less soap in wash and the taste of the water.
Bob W. Leesburg

The sales representative was very well-informed and we love that there's no white markings in the shower, on pans and on the faucets.
James and Caroline M. The Villages

We are very well satisfied we enjoy not having to purchase extra water. We like that the system is quiet, consistent and economical to operate.
Jack and Bev O. The Villages

The water has great clarity.
Jim O. The Villages

The water is softer and we love that we don't use electric.
George and Lillian M. The Villages

The benefits I enjoyed most about my processed water is making coffee and the drinking water tastes so fresh.
Larry B. The Villages

The benefits and features I like about Kinetico are: no water smells and no scrubbing and no maintenance.
Bruce G. The Villages

I am extremely satisfied, the water tastes great, it's soft and the system is easy to maintain.
Joseph and Mary C. The Villages

I love the soft water for my hair.
Gil and Karen C. Eustis

I enjoy using less soap and having no maintenance and it's so easy to use.
Raily D. Lady Lake

I enjoy having good drinking water showering water and laundry water and it's quiet.
Jeff D. The Villages

We enjoy the taste of the water and the spotless fixtures and also no maintenance!.
Chuck and Wanita D. The Villages

My installer was fabulous and Heather was so professional and knowledgeable. I love the soft shower water, its easy to use. I know it's great water.
Dan and Alice F. The Villages

I enjoy the smell and the taste of the water, the system is quick and efficient, it's great.
Tom G. The Villages

We like that there are no more iron stains and it is so easy to use.
Keith and Amber G. Clermont

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